Magnum 1850 Hull Repairs & Buffing

This customer had a few marks and a bit of wear and tear along the underside of his Magnum ski boat and decided it was time to get them all sorted and get the boats hull back to a really tidy condition, keeping in line with the rest of the boat. We hoisted the boat up, went around and marked all spots requiring a respray before filling and fairing them all. Once the gelcoat was colour matched and the resprays completed, we cut the repairs back before going through and completing a full cut & buff on the hull underside to bring back a beautiful shine.

Marlborough Rapier Keel Hole Repair

After this customer had an unfortunate accident with a rock over Summer, we went about completing an insurance repair to fix the hole in his keel. As this area along the bow section of the keel had previously had a carborundum strip applied, we went about finishing with a new carborundum strip after we had completed all the fibreglass reinforcing to add strength back into the keel.

Bayliner 205 Floor Replacement

Our latest customer came in with the cockpit floor of his Bayliner acting a bit like a trampoline. Unfortunately this was a case of a rotten floor that had already started to collapse of the top of the fuel tank - generally a cause from a lack of sealing the timber floor from when it was first manufactured. We went about stripping the boat out, before reporting on the state of the floor. Once all areas requiring replacement had been identified, we went about cutting the floor out, making replacement sections and epoxying them in place. To complete the job properly and to a higher standard, we fully fibreglassed the cockpit floor before flowcoating it to seal it all off and prevent future water intrusion. After all being fitted out again, the boat is now ready for a good Summer’s worth of use!

Top Secret GTR R35 Front Body Panel Repair

A customer came to us with a big hole through the lower front panel of their Top Secret GTR body kit, sitting just below the air intake on his Nissan GTR R35. Along with the hole, there were a few stress fractures across the front end. We went about completing an epoxy fibreglass repair to re-strengthen the front up and repair all the stress fractures, before fairing the repair back out with a West System 407 compound mixed with epoxy… all ready for a respray!

Bayliner 205 Bowrider Structural Hull Repair

After an accident while the boat was on its mooring, this customer brought the boat to us with a hole punctured through the Starboard side of his hull and a big scratch running up the side. We went about completing a two-sided structural repair to the hull side, and after colour matching the gelcoat and completing the respray, we arranged for the new decals to be fitted to bring it back to being a sharp looking boat.

Rae Line 185 OB Structural Fibreglass Repair

After damaging the keel of the boat, this Rae Line owner brought it back to us to complete a structural repair to the boat in order to maintain the proper structural integrity. This required completing a two-sided fibreglass repair (internally glassed & externally), before completing a filling and fairing process to bring back the original shape. Once we had the shape, we were able to complete the two stage gelcoat respray to give the boat its original look and shine!

Sea Nymph Cruise Craft Platform Removal

This customer wanted his starboard aft platform removed from the transom of his boat so he could fit an auxiliary outboard bracket instead. We went about removing the platform before completing a fill and fair on all the holes left by the mounts. After colour matching the gelcoat we completed the respray and brought it all back to a high gloss finish. It ended up with that "invisible repair" we always strive for where by you cannot tell where the original holes were!

Buccaneer 525 Structural Transom Repairs

Our latest customer had some structural stress cracking in and around the transom of his boat. As the fractures in the join between the hull and deck were running behind the outboard, we needed to remove the outboard completely from the boat to gain proper access. It was from there that we went about grinding all the stress fractures and crazing out of the gelcoat. We re-laminated the transom board where the cracking had occurred with fibreglass and made sure that structurally, everything was going to be a lot stronger. Once all the ground work had been completed, it was the same process again of colour matching the gelcoat and completing the respray. Because of some of the tight radius' that we were spraying, the cut & buff process took a bit longer, but we got the result that we were after - a nice glossy finish that will keep this customer happy and the boat out on the water where it should be!

Chris Craft 25 Capri Cosmetic Distortion Repair

This Chris Craft was damaged in transit between the USA and NZ and ended up with some large distortions through the hull on the starboard side. We went about fixing the distortions using epoxy resin thickened with microballoons as this method will provide the strongest bond and least shrinkage available. This particular repair required a 2K paint respray as the boat had been painted at the factory with the metallic silver paint. Once all the fairing work had been completed, we went about respraying the whole starboard side of the boat to get the boat back to a brand new finish.

Rae Line 186 C Extended Swim Platform

One of our Rae Line owners had been at us for a while to make an extended swim platform for the 186 CX stern drive model. We finally found a bit of time to get around to it, and after making a plug to fit the back of the boat we built the new mould for the platform and took the first article out of it to fit to this customers 186. After fitting it to his boat, we added in some support arms to take the weight of a few people standing out the back of it and went about re-fitting the rub rail back around the platform so it all blended back into the boat. It adds an additional 500mm on to the length of the boat, but does not extend out any further than the stern drive unit itself, making it not take up any more storage length when garaging, but adds a great functional area on board, especially for water sports with kids being about to jump out beyond the stern drive and not have to worry about landing on it. 

We also altered this customers cockpit cover to fit back up around the inner platform and removed all the dome holes down the sides to give a "factory finish" back to the boat!

Sea Ray 190 CC Cosmetic Gelcoat Repair

This customer came to us with a chip out of the gelcoat on the platform of his Sea Ray 190 Cuddy Cabin. We went about completing the filling and fairing process of the chip, before colour matching and completing the respray. The repair was then finish to a high gloss and blended back to an invisible finish so that you would never tell there was a repair that had taken place.

Hamilton Jet MKII Structural Fibreglass Repair

To repair the crack along this customers deck on his jet boat, we first went about removing the black rub rail strip around the outside of the deck. Once removed we could go about grinding out the gelcoat and delaminated fibreglass behind the crack in order to remove all of the structurally weakened area. Because the delamination had not travelled right through to the inside of the deck, we were able to complete a single sided repair. We went about building the ground out area back up with fibreglass, before completing the filling and fairing stages. Being an older yellow boat, this colour match was rather tricky, but with a bit of fine tuning, we managed to get the best result we could have hoped for.