Buccaneer 525 Structural Transom Repairs

Our latest customer had some structural stress cracking in and around the transom of his boat. As the fractures in the join between the hull and deck were running behind the outboard, we needed to remove the outboard completely from the boat to gain proper access. It was from there that we went about grinding all the stress fractures and crazing out of the gelcoat. We re-laminated the transom board where the cracking had occurred with fibreglass and made sure that structurally, everything was going to be a lot stronger. Once all the ground work had been completed, it was the same process again of colour matching the gelcoat and completing the respray. Because of some of the tight radius' that we were spraying, the cut & buff process took a bit longer, but we got the result that we were after - a nice glossy finish that will keep this customer happy and the boat out on the water where it should be!