Rae Line 186 C Extended Swim Platform

One of our Rae Line owners had been at us for a while to make an extended swim platform for the 186 CX stern drive model. We finally found a bit of time to get around to it, and after making a plug to fit the back of the boat we built the new mould for the platform and took the first article out of it to fit to this customers 186. After fitting it to his boat, we added in some support arms to take the weight of a few people standing out the back of it and went about re-fitting the rub rail back around the platform so it all blended back into the boat. It adds an additional 500mm on to the length of the boat, but does not extend out any further than the stern drive unit itself, making it not take up any more storage length when garaging, but adds a great functional area on board, especially for water sports with kids being about to jump out beyond the stern drive and not have to worry about landing on it. 

We also altered this customers cockpit cover to fit back up around the inner platform and removed all the dome holes down the sides to give a "factory finish" back to the boat!